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“What if ONE opportunity could change your life?”

Marie Forleo

The opportunity...

This opportunity is for everyone who is willing to commit 100% of themselves to training, learning and helping others. Most of our agents do not have experience with Final Expense Insurance, and that is okay. We will train you and set you up for success!

This opportunity is for those looking for unlimited income potential. With hard work comes great reward.

This opportunity WILL make a difference in both your clients lives and yours as well.

Are you ready to make a change and start a career with the #1 Final Expense company in the U.S.? 

Vision to Legacy Group helps to make the process of becoming an agent simple. 

A few words from our agents...

Lance Smith
Former Uber/Lyft driver
Antioch, TN.

"Over three years ago I made one of the BEST decisions of my life; becoming a part of the Lincoln Heritage family! At the time, I was looking for a "job" that was going to provide the finances and stability that I needed for myself and my daughter. I had NO IDEA that I was joining a life-changing company. My experience has been MORE than just a "job". To me, it's a mission. Knowing that I am with the #1 Final Expense company gives me the confidence to go help even more people do something that is SO IMPORTANT to and for their family. Personally, being a Lincoln Heritage agent has made ALL the difference in the world. The flexibility is amazing, and there is nothing like being your OWN boss, running your OWN business."  

Danielle Smith
Former Nurse
Chattanooga, TN.

"As a former nurse working in the ER for 5 years, the job required long hours, dedication and commitment to your team to help all patients to stay alive. I have always had a passion to help others. When this opportunity arose with V2L, I realized that the same qualities I had as a nurse, were also required in this.

You must be committed to staying the course even when it's hard. You have to have the dedication to yourself and to your team to give 100% all the time. You must have a strong work ethic whether it means working 8 hours a day or 12, you do whatever it takes to help your families on one of the worst days of their lives. The reward is knowing that you made a difference in someone else's life."

Guy Zabka
Spring Hill, TN.

The options are the same for most people. Do I play it "safe", start over and look for another job in corporate world where a paycheck is guaranteed, (as long as the employer wants to keep them) OR

do I look for an opportunity and company with a proven model of success, plug into a proven system and bet on myself? Both options are risky, but for me, at 47 years old having just been laid off, there was no way I was putting my future in the hands of another employer! For the past 2.5 years, Lincoln Heritage has given me the ability to prove myself what I know I am worth. This opportunity is not just about money I make today, but the future I'm building for me and my family. At this point, no employer can buy me out!

1. Complete our APPLY NOW form to answer a few simple questions. After submitting your form, a manager in your area will contact you to schedule an interview. 

2. Get your life insurance license quickly and affordably (Less than $200 and can be completed online). 

3. Start your new career with training and mentorship not found in corporate America. 

4. Own your own business building a legacy you will be proud of. 

The hiring process...


Thanks for submitting!

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